Alaska Designs Advertising Opportunities


Help Wanted

Help Wanted ads will be accepted from the community at large for $20 per column inch (free for Sustaining Members). The Help Wanted column will be set in 9 point Helvetica type, 6 lines per inch. Logos and other graphics will not be accepted.

Business classifieds also may be placed on the website for the newsletter rate, or in both locations for 1.5 times the published rate. Ad copy will be measured as if for newsletter placement. Electronic ads will be posted on or before the date the newsletter is mailed and remain until the next newsletter is posted, unless requested otherwise.


Display ads will be accepted from vendors, design firms, professional societies, and government agencies. Ad content will be limited to subjects of greater interest, such as special meetings, conventions, workshops, and fund-raisers, and to celebrate awards, anniversaries, or completion of a major project. Ads are subject to Board approval.

Sustaining Members get a 15% discount.

Ad Sizes and Rates

1/6 page

4 column inches

2-3/8" x 4" or 4-7/8" x 2"


1/3 page

8 column inches

2-3/8" x 8" or 4-7/8" x 4"


1/2 page

12 column inches

4-7/8" x 6" or 7-1/2" x 4"


Full page

24 column inches

7-1/2" x 8"


Sustaining Members Directory

The annual cost for a sustaining membership is based on the size of listing you want in the Sustaining Members Directory in Alaska Designs. The cost is $115 for the first line, $40 for each additional line, and $115 to add a logo. Alaska Designs is typically published 11 times a year. The listing also appears on the APDC web site.

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